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Circle Work Coaching

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The quality of our lives
comes from the quality of our relationships.

The quality of our relationships
comes from the quality of our communication.


Powerful. Profound.

Council is a simple but powerful tool that shifts communication to be more authentic, heartfelt and productive. It can be used to foster connection in any setting: schools, businesses, prisons, non-profits, and to enhance personal or professional relationships.

  • Foster authentic communication

  • Invite engagement and empathy

  • Increase cross-cultural awareness and inclusiveness

  • Deepen connections with students, staff, colleagues, or within your family

  • On-board new employees

  • Navigate changes and challenges

  • Mark significant transitions and milestones

Our Trainers

Our trainers and facilitators have decades of experience with leading and teaching Council in a variety of settings, and will customize a training, seminar or ongoing program to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Virtual trainings and in-person events are available.


Natalie White

Natalie is a seasoned Council trainer, and has taught the practice in schools, prisons, and with the staff of non-profit organizations.

After many years teaching Language Arts, she is now a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Los Angeles.

Doug Adrianson mug.jpeg

Doug Adrianson

A leader of numerous council training programs over the past two decades, Doug has facilitated circles in corporate, nonprofit, school, prison, and wilderness settings; has guided rites-of-passage programs for hundreds of teenagers and adults.


Irasha Talifero

Irasha is a naturalist, social justice activist, mother, grandmother, lover of nature and children.  A longtime Council trainer, she has brought the work to prisons, schools and at-risk youth.


Taylor Morgan

Taylor is a writer and former radio personality who has used and taught Council in schools, prisons and for corporate team-building, as well as in ceremony for weddings, memorials and other events of significance.


Learn more about our programs and upcoming trainings.

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